Coaches Corner #4

RIPTIDE parents,

We are looking forward to a great second meet of the season at Sun Prairie High School this Sunday, 10/28. Those swimming in the morning (most 8 and under and 13-14’s) need to please be on-deck suited up no later than 7:30. The afternoon crew, 11-12 and 10U need to be on deck, suited up, no later than 1:15. Please remember to pick up your own swimmer’s ribbons at this meet – thanks!

Starting tonight, there will be a sign-up sheet for the session 2 meets. The 1st two meets fill up quickly and if we do not register early we risk not being able to attend the meet. So, please, if you  think you may be able to attend, sign up. I can remove people later but potentially cannot add. Session 2 meets are:

  • BAC at Middleton 12/8 10U a.m. 11 and over p.m.
  • SPS at Sun Prairie 12/15 11   over a.m. 10U p.m.
  • J-HAWK at Whitewater 1/5 8U+ 13over a.m. 9-12 p.m.

If you know of others considering joining for session 2, please encourage them to sign up soon so I can get them registered for these meets, also.

GOALS: We are beginning to talk with each swimmer individually about their goals for this 2018-2019 swim season. One of the tools we use is the MOTIVATIONAL TIMES chart. This document is a link in this email. Since the goal is to improve technique, times, strengthening, aerobic conditioning etc., that’s most easily seen by using this chart to help move a swimmer from one classification to the next.

Also, when discussing goals, it’s not all about swimming, it’s about being good sports about winning, losing, disqualifying graciously and learning from it all as well as motivating yourself and modifying goals along the way. As we have each swimmer’s goals compiled I will pass your child’s on to you.

STARTS PRACTICE will be at Jack Young Middle School, 1531 Draper St Baraboo, WI 53913 from 6-7 Friday, Oct 26th & November 16th. Cost is $10/person – please pay at Symons when you sign  up. It’s not too late to sign up for this Friday’s practice.

Also, please remember to keep enough money in your accounts to pay for the next meet, Thanks!

I speak for all of us coaches when I say that it is a pleasure both working with the swimmers and with you parents. Thanks for bringing them to practice and meets.

See you at the pool! Coach Laura

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