Solar Energy Project

Symons Recreation Complex, the area’s indoor swimming pool, exercise, and fitness facility, has been dedicated to improving the health of the people who live in the   Richland County community for over 28 years. The facility, which is owned and operated by the City of Richland Center and the County of Richland, is open to the public. One of the goals of the Symons Recreation Complex is to keep the facility user rates affordable for everyone to use.

In keeping with this, the Symons Recreation Complex Foundation accepted a donation of $35,000 from Glenn and Mary Schnadt to install solar energy at Symons Recreation Complex. The Schnadts’ challenged the Symons Recreation Complex Foundation to raise an additional $15,000, to allow for a $50,000 Solar Array. The Symons Recreation Complex Foundation was successful in raising the remaining funds.

The project was completed in November 2015. The 4 poles with 12-panel (13.68-kw) solar array is located behind the facility. By installing a solar array, the Symons Recreation Complex will reduce the electricity bill, thus reducing overall operating costs.

To view real time data and statistics, click on the Solar Panel Information button. Any questions about the solar array can be directed to Tracy at 647-8522 or