Experience:4 Years




Group Fitness Instructor


Hello, my name is Lydia. I have lived in Richland Center all my life. I am married to my husband, Tim, and do building construction with my dad. I enjoy running, camping, and being outdoors — the ocean is my favorite.

I have been a group fitness instructor for 4+ years. Although I have always been pretty athletic, I was never much for “group” exercise. After some family health scares, I decided I’d better get moving. I started attending the classes that Symons Recreation Complex offered, and I was hooked! After a couple years of attending, they were looking for more instructors. I enjoyed the classes, but I did not want to be up-front! Finally, I decided to do it and started instructing. I discovered that I really liked it. I enjoy helping others to be excited about exercise. It never gets old hearing my students’ excitement about how they’re feeling new muscles, how they are able to play with their kids more, or that they’ve gone down a pant size! It’s not all about the scale, but the lifestyle change that they have, and how it brings them joy. I truly enjoy inspiring others to work for the progress they want to make.

Adult First-Aid / CPR / AED