Symons Splash Dash & Pedal


Criteria for “Winning”

  • You can register at the Front Desk or the form below. Cost is $15.00 and payable at the SRC Front Desk.
  • Each participant will receive a card to keep track of their miles. This card will be turned into Symons Recreation Complex front desk when you complete all 3 events.  All cards must be turned in by September 1st, 2021.
  • All tracking is done on the honor system.
  • If you prefer to track your distances publicly at Symons Recreation Complex you will be given a number posted on a poster board. This poster board will be in the hallway by the locker rooms.
  • All participants who successful complete all the required mileage of the Symons Splash Dash & Pedal Competition will receive one t-shirt. T-Shirt Orders will be placed on September 4th and we anticipate you will be able to pick up your shirt week of September 20th.
  • Symons Splash Dash & Pedal Finisher Party September 17th at 5:30pm – enjoy cookies and punch as well as a finish line photo opportunity! A group photo will be taken at 5:45pm!

* Option to Row 174 minutes verses swimming 2.4 miles

"*" indicates required fields

Show Your Miles/Minutes Publically?

Yes, I'm going to challenge myself to Swim 2.4 miles*, bike 112 miles and run 26.2 miles this summer. I understand that I will need to track my own miles honestly.

I am participating on a voluntary basis in the Symon Splash Dash & Pedal Competition at Symons Recreation Complex. I understand that recreational / athletic activities may result in injuries to participants. I believe that I am in good health to safely participate in this activity. (If over 35, it is advisable that this activity is cleared with your doctor).

Upon successful completion of the competition you will receive a T-Shirt, please provide the following information:
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