Marathon Movement Challenge


FREE Challenge – Must track miles at Symons Recreation Complex.

December 2nd – December 23nd, 2023

See below for Symons Marathon Challenge Waiver Form.

Criteria for “winning”:

  • Each participant will receive a card to keep track your distances publicly at Symons Recreation Complex (SRC).
  • All tracking is done on the honor system.
  • All participants who successfully complete all the required mileage of the Symons Marathon Challenge will receive one entry into a drawing for a Symons Recreation Complex clothing item.

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Upon successful completion of the competition I will be put into a drawing for a Symons Recreation Complex clothing item.
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I am participating on a voluntary basis in the Symons Marathon Challenge at Symons Recreation Complex. I understand that recreational/athletic activities may result in injuries to participants. I believe that I am in good health to safely participate in this activity. (If over 35, it is advisable that this activity is cleared with your doctor).
I hereby fully and completely release Richland County, the City of Richland Center, and its officers, officials, agents, employees, representatives and insurers from any and all liability of any nature whatsoever for personal injury, illness or property damage that may be in any way related to my participation in the Symons Recreation Complex’s Marathon movement event to be held December 2023, including negligence by any of the above-named parties. I understand that: (a) participation in this event is strenuous, and I verify that I am physically fit to compete in this event.

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