Think of the words Calming, Serene, Balanced and Powerful…

“Think of the words

  Calming, Serene,     

     Balanced and       


These are the words that come to me when I think of Tai Chi. I took the class from Marianne Hackney in Muscoda. We did the    seated version, which     allowed me to learn the moves BEFORE I had to worry about balancing. I was just curious at first and didn’t know if I would like Tai Chi or not. I found that it was a fun and relaxing class to take. I was able to adapt moves if I needed to accommodate my weak knee or back. The end results were that I strengthened my core, improved my balance and was able to de-stress.  I still do Tai Chi when I feel stressed or just plain need some quiet time. I would like to thank Symons Rec and Marianne for the great experience.

Don’t be afraid to try Tai Chi, everyone can do it.”

Nancy Walsh (Muscoda)

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