Summer Swimming Lessons

Summer Weekday Swim Lessons

July 14-August 31st


5:00pm—Preschool 1*

5:30pm—Preschool 2*


 *Parents will be in the water with their child for these Tuesday swim lessons.  Instructor will be on the pool deck. Class will be social distanced. (This is due to COVID-19 precautions)


Saturday Swim Lessons

July 18-September 1st

9:00am Level 4

9:30am Level 5

10:00am Level 6

Instructor will teach from the pool deck.  Class will be social distanced.

Cost for group swim lessons

Members: $24.00 per member OR $63.00 max Member Family (one class per child per session)

Non-Members: $48.00 per non-member OR $110.00 Max Non-Member Family (one class per child per session.

Cost of Swim lessons does NOT include swimming before or after swim lessons.

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