Racquetball League

Sign-up by January 13th, 2022
Cost: Free for SRC Members; Non-Members $7.00 per Game

Scheduling Games

  • Each participant will receive an email on January 18th with who their opponents are for each week of the league.
  • Contact who you are going to play, then set up a day and time for the games. Have one person call Symons to reserve a Racquetball Court for the time you scheduled your match.
  • You will play three games of racquetball with each player, keep track of your scores, and put the total score on the score board in the lobby of Symons Recreation Complex.
  • If you and your opponent can’t play the week assigned to you, you can flex to a different week that works for you both.
  • Playoffs Round 1: Players ranked one and two will play each other; Players ranked third and fourth will play each other
  • Playoffs Round 2: Winners of Round 1 will play each other.

Session Two of Racquetball League will start on March 22nd. Sign-up by March 17th, 2022.

  • I am participating on a voluntary basis in the Symons Racquetball League at Symons Recreation Complex. I understand that recreational/athletic activities may result in injuries to participants. I believe that I am in good health to safely participate in this activity. (If over 35, it is advisable that this activity is cleared with your doctor).
    I hereby fully and completely release Richland County, the City of Richland Center, and its officers, officials, agents, employees, representatives and insurers from any and all liability of any nature whatsoever for personal injury, illness or property damage that may be in any way related to my participation in the Symons Recreation Complex’s Racquetball League to be held January 2022 and February 2022, including negligence by any of the above-named parties. I understand that participation in this event is strenuous, and I verify that I am physically fit to compete in this event.

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