Outdoor Fitness Class


We are looking for 30 people to meet us in the parking lot on Tuesday and Thursday morning during the month of July @ 5:30, for a FREE Outdoor Fitness Class – Join us near the UW-Richland Gym Parking Lot. Bring your yoga mat and a bottle of water. Class is for all fitness levels but is designed for those new to exercise. Why should you join the class?

  • Its Free for any adult
  • There are no mirrors, outside!
  • Men and women can do this class together
  • Get a total body workout, without running.
  • Go at your own pace and do what you can. Beginners are encouraged to attend

Set your alarm clock and be in the parking lot at 5:30am for the next class on Tuesday July 17th! The class is over at 6:30am, or leave when you need to.

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