General Information

Building Specifics


About the Exercise Room:

A 33 x 90 addition to SRC was completed in September 1998.  The addition houses an extensive cardiovascular and weight area.  This area has treadmills, stair climbers, bikes, ARC trainers, crosstrainers and a rowing machine.  It also includes a weight system, numerous dumbbells, a Smith Machine and cable crossover machine.   Please bring a clean pair of shoes to wear in the weight room.

About the Pool:

  • Pool Size: 14 yards x 25 yards; 104,000 gallons
  • Average Temperature:  83°
  • Air Temperature:  88°
  • Pool Length:  25 Yards
  • Maximum Load: 125 People
  • Pool Depth:  3’6” – 5’
  • Disinfectant: Chlorine
  • Lengths for Distance Swimming
  • 1 mile = 72 lengths
  • ½ mile = 36 lengths
  • 3′ 6″ Deep        5′ Deep        3′ 6″ Deep

About the Whirlpool

  • Whirlpool Depth:  3’5”
  • Average Temperature: 102°
  • Maximum Load: 9 people
  • Disinfectant: Chlorine

About the Racquetball Courts:

  • Funds for  the floors was donated by the Richland County Bank and Valley Bank.  The Richland Center High School Industrial Arts class installed the floors.

What We Offer:

  • Indoor Pool
  • Whirlpool
  • Sauna
  • Pool Slide
  • Swim Lessons
  • Swim Team
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Weight Equipment
  • Two Racquetball Courts
  • Land and Water Aerobics
  • Party Accommodations


Classes are free to members.  A minimum of 10 students is needed to keep a class on the schedule.  Participants can join a class at any time.   Register/pay for your class at the front desk.  Drop-ins are welcome.  Classes are coed.  Arrive 5- 10 minutes before class to ask any questions you may have about the class.  Speak to an instructor if it is your first time taking the class.  Please let the instructor know if you have medical problems that could result in any type of complications during class.

Proper Apparel

  • Land Aerobics – Cool clothing/sports bra/shorts, leggings or sweatpants – proper shoes such as aerobic or cross training shoes.
  • Water Aerobics – Swimsuit – may cover with shorts/t-shirt, pool shoes recommended but optional

Descriptions – Land

Click Here to See Class Descriptions

Descriptions – Water Exercise

Click Here to See Class Descriptions

Bad Check / Automatic Bank Draft Policy (NSF)

A $30 fee will be attached to any returned checks or Automatic Bank Drafts.  (ACH/EFTs returned by the bank does not cancel member contract and obligation to honor annual membership cost).

Body Composition Testing

Body comp testing is done using the ELG system.  The test is quick and accurate.  It measures your percentage of body fat, pounds of body fat, and percentage of lean mass.  Percentage of body fat is a true indicator of fitness level and can be used to monitor an exercise program and nutrition habits.  Testing is done by appointment.  Do not eat or exercise three hours prior to the test.  Fee:  $10 for SRC members (all members receive up to one test free each year), $20 Non-Members

Buy a Pool Pass Get One Pool Pass Free Coupons

For those that bring in a valid coupon for a buy a pool pass get one pool pass free coupon the following rules apply: 1. You purchase a pool pass and receive a pool pass of equal or lesser value free.  2. Both pool passes (purchased & free) must be used on the same business day, no credits allowed.

Cardiovascular Equipment

Treadmills, Stairmasters, Elliptical machines, Exercise Bicycles, Rowing Machine, and Arc Trainers.  Many of the machines may be reserved in advance – three reservations, per time slot, per week. If you are more than 5 minutes late for your assigned time, you forfeit the spot. If you are unable to make it in for your reserved time call the front desk to have your name erased off sheet.  Please use spray bottle mounted on wall and paper towels to wipe off machine after use.  Also, clean any perspiration off floor.   Our Personal Trainer is available to set up a workout plan.  Stop at the front desk to make your appointment.  Bring a second, clean pair of shoes to work out in.

Checking In

Everyone must check in when they enter the building.  New members will receive a membership card and a bar coded scan card in the mail shortly after the purchase of their membership.  Please use the scanner at the front desk when you check in, and give the part of the building you will be using to the front desk staff.  The first scan card is free.  If you have multiple people on your membership, they will be given a membership number.  If you wish a scan card for your children, please inform the receptionist.  Non-members must complete a registration form, show a photo identification card, and pay a fee.

Cell Phones

Cell phone use is prohibited in the SRC locker rooms and restrooms, as per state law. Please limit use of cell phone in lobby.  Be courteous of other users.

Class Refunds

The Director must approve all other class refunds.

Code of Conduct

The SRC is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all members and guest.  We ask individuals to follow all rules and act with respect and responsibility in our facility and program areas.  Our code of conduct does not permit any language or action that can threaten or injure another person, or that falls below a generally accepted standard of conduct.  Specifically this includes:

  • In appropriate attire for the activity.
  • Angry or vulgar language, swearing, name calling shouting
  • Physical contact with another person in any angry or threatening way.
  • Any demonstration of sexual activity or sexual contact with another person.
  • Harassment or intimidation by words, gestures, body language, or other behavior.
  • Theft or behavior that results in the destruction of property.
  • Carrying or concealing any weapon or objects that may be used as a weapon.
  • Using or possessing illegal chemicals or alcohol on SRC property or program areas.

We ask members and guests to report any incidents or problems to the staff supervisor on duty.  Members and guests who are not following these guidelines may be asked to leave the SRC or program areas.  If you are asked to leave the SRC, you may not return until you speak with the Director who will determine the length of  membership suspension.  In some instances, the privilege to use the SRC may revoked permanently.



We welcome all feedback on making SRC more enjoyable, and user friendly.  Use the suggestion box, talk to anyone on staff, or email


CPR & First Aid

The  SRC staff has received certification in CPR and First Aid.  Additionally, classes are periodically offered to the community in CPR, AED, and First Aid.

Day Care

Day Care is provided on as an option for parents with young children.  Free for members! There is an additional fee for participation in day care for non-members.


Symons Recreation Complex Foundation accepts tax deductible contributions to the Symons Recreation Complex.  Donations can be specified for a purchase or will be used for purchase of equipment, memberships for children, swim lessons for children and other needed programs.  See a SRC receptionist for more details.

Dress Code

Members must wear shirts and shorts/sweatpants in the exercise room.  Tank tops are permitted.   Bring a clean pair of shoes for the exercise rooms room.  No cut-off jeans in the pool.  No black soled shoes in the racquetball courts.  No plastic (sweat suits) are permitted anywhere in the facility.

Easy Pay Plan / Automatic Bank Draft

Annual Memberships can be paid with through electronic funds transfer (EFT), also known as Automatic Bank Draft or ACH.  The monthly transfer from a checking or savings account will be made on or around the 20th of the month. The EFT payment plan is a membership commitment of two years.


Need information – have a question, suggestion, or comment – email us at  You can email the Director at or the Assistant Director at

Exercise Room Clothing

Please wear appropriate athletic shoes only.  No street shoes allowed in the workout area.  Clean workout clothes are required.  Avoid use of heavy perfume or cologne prior to your workout.

Exercise Room Etiquette

Please Do:

-Please be courteous at all times.

-Allow others to share the equipment while you’re resting between sets.

-Keep hands and feet away from all moving parts and weight stacks.

-Report any equipment problems immediately to the staff.

-Rack all weights and dumbbells after each use.

-Use the two paper towel holders with spray bottles to wipe off the cardio equipment after use.

Please DO NOT

-Scream  during lifting

-Use chalk on the equipment.

-Drop or slam down the weights

-Use profanity

-Do not attempt to repair or adjust any equipment that has malfunctioned

Exercise Room Guidelines

-To guarantee a training session focused on your needs and goals, schedule a free one-hour orientation with our exercise trainer.  Appointments can be made at the SRC front desk.

-Always have an adequate warm-up prior to beginning your workout.  Warming up your muscles before exercising increases the quality and effectiveness of your workout and minimizes the risk of injury.  Stretching helps control the adjustment between the muscles and connective tissue, which enables the body to meet the increased demands of a workout routine.

-For your safety and the safety of other members, our staff may make occasional recommendations on proper equipment usage and general exercise techniques.

Food & Drink

Bottled plastic drink containers are allowed in the exercise area.  Food is to be consumed in the lobby or atrium only.  Food or drinks are not allowed in the pool area.  No glass drink containers are allowed anywhere in the facility.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates can be purchased at the front desk for any amount, and can be used for classes, memberships, etc.

Guest Policy

A new adult to the facility must  to show a picture ID and fill out a guest information form.   Non- Members rates are available.

  Kids on Weights

The Kids on Weight’s class is offered in sessions usually on Sunday evenings  for  children ages 12 – 13 years.  The class teaches proper use and safety techniques in the SRC weight room.  Parents are required to take the course with their child.  Once a parent and child have completed the course, 12-13 years olds may workout with their parents.

Lifeguard Training Course

The Lifeguard Training course certifies participants as lifeguards.  Must be 15 years of age and older (16 years to guard in WI), and pass pre-course skills tests.   This 32-hour course includes CPR and First Aid and is offered periodically during the year.  Classes fill up quickly.  You must preregister and pay in advance.

Locker Rental

Yearly locker rental is available.  Ask at the front desk. Locks are also available to rent.

Lost and Found

The SRC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  It is recommended that you use a locker and lock up your belongings and then remove the items when you leave the building.  Locks are available to rent at the front desk.  Please check with the front desk person if you leave any items, and they will be happy to check the lost and found area for them.

Free Motion Weight Equipment

Wipe off perspiration when you are through using a weight machine.   Do not monopolize a machine.  Please use courtesy with other members while on the equipment.  If you are unsure on how to use the equipment, sign up for a free orientation at the front desk.


Memberships are available for purchase by month or by the year.  Annual memberships have several payment methods, including the installment plan and Easy Pay Plan.  Members receive access to the pool, classes, whirlpool, sauna, weight room and racquetball courts during open hours. Members also receive discounts on special classes such as lifeguarding, WSI, CPR and 1st Aid.

Membership Freeze Policy

Membership may be temporally suspended. Each request will be review by the Director   A Doctor release may be required. If approved, memberships may be frozen a maximum of six months.

Membership Termination (Involuntary)

All members of SRC agree to conduct themselves in a peaceful manner at all times.  This prohibits utilizing foul or offensive language, physical confrontations and abuse of the property of the SRC.  Failure to act in accordance with this or other guidelines may result in termination of membership.  If a member conducts himself or herself in such a way as to be detrimental to the general welfare of the Complex, the member may be forbidden further usage.  Any membership fees paid may be forfeited.  The SRC has a “three strikes and you’re out” policy.  If any of the guidelines contained in this manual are violated by a member, the Director reserves the right to write up an incident report about the violation, which will be kept on file.  If a member receives three of these incident reports, they will be asked to leave the Complex therefore terminating their membership.  If the Director deems a member/users behavior to be greatly inappropriate, your use will be immediately terminated and law enforcement will be called, if necessary.

Membership Termination (Voluntary)

Refunds for memberships are given for certain rare situations and at the discretion of the Director in accordance with the refund policy set by the Natatorium board.  Moving out of the area does not qualify for a refund.  Memberships are non-refundable after 90 days.


Merchandise is available for sale at the SRC front desk.  We normally carry items such as swim suits, caps, goggles, toys and chlorine removing soap and shampoo; t-shirts, sweatshirts, tanks, and many other items.


Users of Symons Recreation Complex range from the extremely healthy to those in wheelchairs.  Please use consideration for others when parking in the SRC lot and reserve the spaces close to the building for those in need.

Partnership with Youth (PWY)

If you are unable to enroll your child in swim lessons because of the cost, the Partnership with Youth (PWY) program is available through donations from United Givers and SRC members.  With this program, lessons are available at a reduced cost for Levels 1 – 6.  The only requirement is that a child use the program only once per year.  Stop at the SRC front desk for more information.

Personal Trainers

Becky Glass, personal trainer, is an SRC staff member available to help with your exercise program.  She provides free one-hour consultations on using the equipment in the exercise room; additionally, she can be hired for $25 per hour to work with you individually.  Other personal trainers who use SRC for training clients include Tim Fox; his business cards are posted on the bulletin boards.


All members & non-members will have their pictures taken.  These photos will be kept on the front desk computer for identification purposes. These photos will ONLY be used to identify users as they check in.

Pool Closure

The pool will be closed during electrical storms. The pool will be closed when low/close lightning is sighted and will remain closed for 30 minutes after the last sighting.

Pool Rules

Safety is our primary focus.  Any activity that threatens the health or safety of swimmers will be stopped.  Basic rules include:  no diving, no pushing, no horseplay, only swim when a guard is present, shower before entering the pool and after using the rest room.  Running, horseplay, loud or abusive language is not allowed in the pool area at anytime.  No shoes or street clothes allowed on pool deck (only exception is first and last day of swim lessons – please remove shoes).  No glass containers or food in the pool area.  Chlorinated water will bleach swimsuits. SRC is not responsible for bleached suits.  Floors in the locker rooms and on the pool deck may be slippery when wet – use care.  Do not allow children to run anywhere in the SRC building.  Use swim diapers on infants.  They can be purchased at the front desk.

Privacy Policy

Symons Recreation Complex (SRC) respects the privacy of its users.  The following policy has been established to ensure their safety and privacy.

The policy is:

  1. SRC does not give out personal information. Phone numbers and email addresses will only be used to contact users.  This information never sold.
  2. SRC does not give out information about if/when a person is in the facility. If a parent is checking on their children under the age of 18, the parent will need identify themselves with their SRC member number.
  3. SRC will provide information for an adult asking about their personal attendance/personal information. We will not give out attendance/personal information to one adult asking for another adult, even if it is a spouse. Parents can request usage information for their children, under the age of 18.
  4. SRC will take digit photos of all users. These photos are used for identification purposes only.

Racquetball Courts

Courts may be reserved a week in advance by members and day of by non-members.

Non-members must purchase a visitor pass. Racquets, balls and eye-wear are available for use at no cost.  Racquetball leagues are offered in the spring, winter and fall. Free clinics are offered on the second Tuesday of each month. Children under the age of 14 are limited to two people in the court at one time.


Symons Recreation Complex is the perfect place for your next birthday party, after-prom party, family gathering, or 4-H gathering.  Everyone loves a pool party and we have space available to have cake and ice cream, pizza, chips, etc.  Order from Pizza Hut or Subway, and receive a 10% discount.  Certified lifeguards are available whenever the SRC pool is open and our friendly receptionists will assist you in setting up your rental.

Sauna Use

The temperature in the sauna can reach 180 degrees.  Proper hydration is recommended (drink plenty of water) during use. Swimsuits required – no sweatpants, sweatshirts.  Bring a towel to sit on.  The sauna is open to adults (16 years and older) whenever the building is open.  Please do not pour water on the floor of the sauna.  Use water from the drinking fountain or shower (not pool) to pour on the rocks.  Limit time in sauna to 10 minutes.  Shower before using pool or whirlpool.  Please do not add scented oil to the rocks.  The sauna lights MUST remain on.

Sexual Harassment/Behavior

Sexual harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.  If you feel that you have been sexually harassed by an employee, member or guest of the Complex, please report it to management immediately.  As many of our members are families, we request that public displays of affection be minimized in the building.


Effective August 2010, the following policy applies to persons who are receiving compensation as a result of their use of the Symons Recreation Complex.

–          Persons must provide documentation of licenses or proof of certification.

–          Persons must carry liability insurance.

–          Persons must pay a fee to the Symons Recreation Complex

–          Persons must enter into a contract with Symons Recreation Complex

For more information about subcontractors, contact the Director.

Swim Lessons

Symons Recreation Complex swim lessons generally run in eight-week sessions and begin in January, March, June and September. Other classes are offered during the summer and during the Christmas holiday. Lessons are taught by Red Cross Certified Water Safety Instructors.  Following are some general guidelines on the various levels:

Class Descriptions

Infant/Toddler (0-5 years) – Parent goes into the water with the child for class.

Preschool 1 (4+ years)- Child will go into water without parent – floats are used

Preschool 2 (4+ years)-Child will go into water without parent and will jump in from side, and swim on front and back with float on

Preschool 3 (4+years)-Child can swim on front and back, no floats.

Level 1 (6 + years)-Child has not had lessons before and/or cannot float.

Level 2 -Child can float on front and back

Level 3 -Child can swim on front and back, float to bottom of pool and has started to learn back crawl

Level 4- Child can swim 10 yards on front and back and do the elementary backstroke kick

Level 5 -Child swims elementary backstroke, front crawl, back crawl and has learned breaststroke and sidestroke kick

Level 6-Swims breaststroke, sidestroke, under water, elementary back stroke, front crawl, back crawl, and has learned turns and the dolphin kick

Adult lessons – Any level of swimming ability

Swimming Pool

Certified lifeguards are on duty whenever the SRC pool is open.  Please observe the scheduled hours.  During adult lap times, children are not allowed. Adult lap lane may not be available when the pool slide is open.   Children who are under the age of 6, children who cannot swim, and children in floats must have an adult in the pool with them at all times. Running, horseplay, loud or abusive language is not allowed in the pool area at anytime.  No shoes or street clothes allowed on pool deck (only exception is first and last day of swim lessons – please remove shoes).  Shower before entering the pool.  No glass containers or food in the pool area.  Temperature of the pool is kept between 82º and 84º.

Swim Team

The Symons Sharks swim team is made up of area youth ages five to 18 years of age.  The team competes in various age groups against their own gender.  The season begins early in June and ends late in July.

The USA swim team, the RAAC Riptides compete in the Fall and Winter.  Competition with other USA teams

Wally ball

Wally ball is similar in play to volleyball but played in a racquetball court.  Regular court fees apply.  See the front desk personnel for the net and ball.

Water Safety Instructor (WSI) Course

The WSI class instructs individuals how to teach swim lessons.  Participants must be 16 years of age or older and pass precourse skills tests.  Course offered in the spring.


Check our website for up-to-date information on events at the SRC:


The whirlpool (spa or hot tub) is open whenever the building is staffed and closes 15 minutes prior to the facility closing.  Must be 16 years old or over to use.  The whirlpool is maintained at 104 degree and may be closed if the temperature exceeds 105 degrees.  Dizziness, fatigue and dehydration may occur with prolonged use.  Please shower before entering the whirlpool.  Those who are pregnant have high blood pressure, or other health issues should not use the whirlpool.  Check with your doctor to be sure.