Holiday Family Swim Times!

Special Family Swim Times for the Holidays:

  • December 23rd—Family Swim 2:00pm-7:55pm
  • December 24th—Family Swim 10:30-Noon (SRC Open 5:30am-1:00pm)
  • December 25th—SRC is Closed (Christmas)
  • December 26th—Family Swim 2:00pm-7:55pm
  • December 27th—Family Swim 2:00pm-7:55pm
  • December 28th—Family Swim 9:00am-6:25pm
  • December 29th—Family Swim 12:30pm-4:25pm
  • December 30th—Family Swim 2:00-7:55pm
  • December 31st—Family Swim 1:00-5:25pm (SRC Open 5:30am-6:00pm)
  • January 1st—Family Swim 12:30-4:25pm (SRC Open 12:30-5:00pm)

Cost for Swimming:

$3.00 for ages 3-13

$5.00 for ages 14 & up

FREE for SRC Members!

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