Legacy of John & Edith Symons

John and Edith Symons donation in 1987, of Symons Recreation Complex, was given in large part to encourage students to choose the UW-Richland.  The ripple effect of the donation to the Richland County community has had far reaching benefits to our Southwest Wisconsin community.   Not only has the UW-Richland benefited from the Symons Recreation Complex being located on the campus, but thousands of residents of Southwest Wisconsin continue to reap the benefits from using the facility.

Consider these numbers. In the past years:

  • 10,000 children have taken swimming lessons
  • Over 2 million visits to the facility
  • Countless hip and knee replacements were avoided, due to better fitness
  • Over 35,000 different people have used the facility

All because John and Edith Symons decided to give. (Pictured below is John & Edith Symons)


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Symons Recreation Complex Foundation Click here for more information

Click Here for a printable Symons Recreation Complex Foundation Brochure

Why is there a “Symons Recreation Complex Foundation”?

John & Edith Symons donated $1.3 million dollarsy in 1987 to build the facility. The maintenance and  care is governed by the City of Richland Center & Richland County. The Symons Recreation Complex Foundation is in place to provide a “margin of excellence” for the facility.


The Symons Recreation Complex Foundation helps with the “extras”, that add to the experience of using the  facility.

Recent purchases from the SRC Foundation are:

  • Pool Ramp
  • Donation for the Partnership with Youth program( reduced cost swimming lessons)
  • Water Basketball Hoops
  • Swim Team Donations
  • Solar Panels

Donations to the SRC Foundation can be labeled for whatever project, that you would like to see completed.  Join us today, by making a tax deductible donations to the SRC Foundation