Bid Details for cleaning and painting the interior surface of steel roof deck.

Symons Recreation Complex

September 12, 2014

Interior surface of steel roof Deck



Furnish labor, material and equipment necessary to clean, prime and finish paint the interior surface of the steel roof deck in the equipment and storage area of the Owner’s premises at 1250 HWY 14 West, Richland Center, WI. This work is detailed in the Scope of Work.




  1. Wire brush or otherwise remove loose rust from the affected surfaces and trusses in the area.
  2. Wash down affected areas with Chlora-rid to neutralize chlorine residue.


  1. Finish paint roof deck and trusses with 2 coats of Corotech Epoxy mastic coating.


  1. Fans should be used to exhaust the fumes from the building.


  1. The work may need to be completed when the facility is closed, due to the odor.




Design Document

Sketch—P-1, highlights the ceiling area.





Bids shall be received by September 26tj and sent to Denise Hanold, Symons Recreation Complex 1250 us hwy 14 west Richland Center WI 53581

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