Be Active: Get Motivated!

Be Active: Get Motivated!

Finding a motivator that works for you can be the key to being active! Some common motivators are:

  • Pleasure– it’s easier to keep doing an activity when you enjoy it!
  • Health & Fitness Benefits– If you feel stronger, more energized, less stress, or are sleeping better, those benefits can motivate you to continue.
  • Change in Appearance– Regular physical activity can help to trim fat, improve muscle definition, and boost your metabolism. Seeing these changes can motivate you!
  • Social opportunities– Exercising with friends or family can make it easier to stick with your goals. Even a group exercise class can serve as a fun and supportive atmosphere to motivate you to continue.
  • Thrill-seeking– People who start exercising often find they are willing and able to try new and exciting activities, such as walking, biking, or joining an exercise class.

Which of these motivates you? Keep that in mind as you start a new activity!

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