Be Active: Barriers to Physical Activity

Be Active: Barriers to Physical Activity

Below are some common barriers to being active along with some solutions.

  • Not enough time: plan by scheduling times to be active. Add activity to your daily routine.
  • No social influence: Ask friends and family to support your physical activity goals. Invite a friend to exercise with you. Develop a friendship with others at a group exercise class.
  • No energy: schedule activity for a time of day when you feel more energetic. Convince yourself to do it anyways and then feel the increased energy level as a result.
  • No motivation: Plan ahead. Make activity a regular part of your day. Invite a friend to join you. Join a group exercise class.
  • Afraid of injury: Do a proper warm-up and cooldown to prevent injury. Work with an instructor or trainer to assist you.
  • Few or no resources: select activities that require minimal facilities or equipment like walking, jogging, or free virtual exercise classes, Identify opportunities in your community.
  • Bad weather: Develop a set of indoor activities you can do regardless of weather (indoor cycling, walking at a mall or large box store, etc.)
  • Travel: Build activity into your travel. Walk in a hotel or mall. Use a hotel exercise room.

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