Basic Training Class

NEW CLASS!This class is specifically designed for Biggest LoserBasic Training ClassMondays @ 7:00PM____________It is taught by Tim Fox (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist,*$4 per sessionGet started in a safe, challenging, fun, and effective*Get a fresh work-out routine each weekNEW CLASS BEGINS NOV. 8th!

participants who need guidance in “getting started” on the

road to fitness.

Learn how to “work out” in a way that is safe, packed with

variety, and gets results!

Certified Personal Trainer, and USA Weightlifting Club Coach).

*10 students maximum

*Pre-register at the Symons reception desk


*Improve your health and fitness through a balanced exercise


*Learn the proper use of resistance equipment

*Learn how to structure a routine for maximum effectiveness and

“functional fitness”

*Improve your strength, flexibility, and balance

*Shed body fat while improving lean body mass

*Feel better as your body “gets better” and you gain confidence

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