Tai Chi Fundamentals Course Schedule

Tai Chi Fundamentals

Are you interested in better balance and stability?

Tai Chi Fundamentals is an evidence-based, fall-prevention course for older adults. Tai Chi is a non-impact exercise; it is easy on the joints, and it’s a gentle workout for your legs. Research has shown that Tai Chi has numerous health benefits including: strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular and respiratory function.

The Tai Chi classes offered have an Adapted Tai Chi option. This means that we provide optional side-support with a chair next to you for balance as needed, walker support, or you can do the exercises seated.

Symons Recreation Complex also offers classes in Viola, however due to COVID-19 that location is not open to the public at this time.

 Tai Chi Courses have been made possible with the support of ADRC of Eagle Country.

The ADRC cannot endorse or recommend any organization, product, or service.

Symons Recreation Complex is Open with Limited Use.   ·  Reopening Guidelines  ·  Sign Up at signup.symonsrec.com!
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