Congratulations weight loss challenge winner Mary Kelley!

Mary won $282.50! How did she do it? Mary won the Oct-Dec 2011 Fall Weight Loss Challenge at Symons Recreation Complex with a support system, encouragement and dedication. In the last 15 months Mary has lost 80 pounds! The key Mary says “It’s the calories & counting them!” She kept track of everything she ate. Mary says “It all starts with counting calories and knowing how much you are eating.” Fifteen months ago Mary started out walking five days a week, now Mary is running yes running five days a week. She has also been lifting weights at Symons Recreation Complex three times a week and has gotten stronger by slowly increasing her weights on the machines. Mary actually decided to join the challenge because someone else wanted to have a buddy to help encourage each other to lose weight. Mary had a couple of friends to help her stay accountable to her exercise and eating program.  Mary said “Once you start seeing results then it gets easier!”  Buddy up and watch your calories so you can start losing weight too!

Mary Today:

Mary Before: